Seth Lukas Hynes

My name is Seth Lukas Hynes, aka QUANTUMJOKER, and I am a writer and film critic from Victoria, Australia. I have been passionate about writing from a very young age, and I have been writing on a freelance/semi-professional basis for the past six years.

I primarily write reviews and essays, but I also love writing short stories, and perform freelance writing consultation work. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Professional and Creative Writing from Deakin University, with specialization in Literature and Screenwriting. I am also a card-carrying member of the Australian Film Critics Association.

If you require advice or assistance on a writing project, contact me by this email address:

I run the popular YouTube film review channel QUANTUMJOKER, which has nearly 2000 subscribers and over 1.2 million total views.

I have been the weekly film critic for the Mountain Views Mail newspaper from April 1 2014, and was formerly the film critic for the Dandenong Journal from early 2009 to late 2010. I have also written film reviews and opinion pieces (both in print and online) for mX, the COSMOS website, the Wordly blog (Deakin University’s student magazine) and Doctor Who reviews for Data Extract Magazine.

I write audio drama scripts for a Doctor Who fan audio drama company called Illusionist Productions.

I have also written and self-published a free, unofficial book of Doctor Who short stories. Follow this link for your copy:

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