Recently, I set up a Patreon account for my YouTube film reviews.

Serious employment prospects in Australia suck right now, and I’ll go insane if I have to stay on welfare for much longer. You can understand my eagerness in attempting to make a legitimate job out of a hobby I’ve loved doing for the past six years.

But at the same time, I understand that many of you would be unwilling to pay (even optionally) for a service you have (and will continue to receive) for free.

I need to offer you something new, bold and exclusive – something you wouldn’t get without a Patreon pledge.

And I’ve got just the thing.

I’ve been reviewing films on YouTube for a long time. My tastes and analytical skills have grown and evolved, as have my opinions on certain films. I’ve disliked some films, then gone on to like or love them. I’ve made some enemies with my reviews, and sometimes deservedly; the backlash against Confused Matthew’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was like a Cold War in the Internet reviewer scene, but I’ve generated considerable controversy over Blue Velvet, Antichrist, Primer and many other reviews.

My positive Clockwork Orange review was a sample of things to come.

I intend to create a huge 21-part review series in which I revisit the most contentious reviews of my ‘career’. I will make long, thorough and engaging reviews (10 minutes or more) of these films, with particular consideration on how my perspectives and attitudes toward them (and film in general) have changed.

Not all the films I will be re-reviewing are ones I originally deemed bad or not-so-great (though most will be); there will be some that I spoke very highly of at the time, and I’m curious to see if they hold up.

But this large-scale project will mostly be an extensive reassessment of my body of work; a look back at past films with my present, more mature mind.

The schedule for this series is at the end of this article.

And how much will this endeavor cost?


If you pledge $2 or more per published film review to my Patreon campaign, you will receive all of my exclusive re-reviews as they come out.

Videos separate from my re-review series will count toward Patreon funding, and I aim to make reviews once or twice a week, but you can set a monthly cap so that you never pay more than you’re prepared to.

Follow this link to my Patreon.

I’m really excited about this project, and I hope to receive your assistance to get it rolling.

Thank you.



  1. The Matrix Revolutions
  2. Immortal (Ad Vitam)
  3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
  4. Juno
  5. Towelhead
  6. Land of the Blind
  7. Seven Samurai
  8. Timecrimes
  9. Primer
  10. El Topo
  11. Antichrist
  12. Silver Linings Playbook
  13. Blade Runner
  14. Blue Is The Warmest Color
  15. Cloud Atlas
  16. Spring Breakers
  17. Only God Forgives
  18. Blue Velvet
  19. Inland Empire
  20. Persona
  21. Mulholland Drive