Ladies and gentlemen, I’m on Patreon!

I have been writing for my entire life, and intend to make it a full-time career, but journalism jobs are hard to come by (jobs of any kind, for that matter), and the ad revenue from my YouTube reviews is merely pocket-change.

So, I’ve set up this Patreon account in the hope that it will give me a little more security (I do plenty of volunteer work and some consulting work, but as of yet I’m unemployed) and act as a stepping stone toward greater opportunities.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows viewers to directly support creative content makers.

If you would like to support me a little in my YouTube reviews and writing work, I would be immensely grateful. It’s entirely up to you, you can pledge whatever amount you wish, and there are a few fun benefits up for grabs, including exclusive reviews, a newsletter, producer credits and even requests.

So, if you would like, please support me on Patreon!